707 were a pomp rock/AOR band of the highest order. Formed in the US in 1979 by guitarist/vocalist Kevin Russell, they released their self-titled debut album that year. A strong drum sound and good musicianship with great vocals and beefy production were the hallmarks of this outfit. Of their three albums, the first two are now available on one CD, and Megaforce is apparently due sometime in the not too distant future.

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The AOR band 707 formed in Detroit; original members included Phil Bryant (bass, vocals), Jim McClarty (drums), Duke McFadden (keyboards, vocals), Kevin Russell (guitars, vocals), and David Carr (piano), although the lineup changed with each album. After signing to Casablanca, the band released its self-titled debut and had a modest radio hit with "I Could Be Good for You," written by McFadden and McCarty. The Second Album (1981) and Megaforce (1982) followed, but 707 never followed up its signature hit. ~ Gina Boldman, All Music Guide

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Phil Bryant
David Carr
Duke McFadden
Felix Robinson
Jim McClarty
Kevin Russell




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707 - 707 - 1980 - 4/5

707 - The Second Album - 1981 - 3/5

707 - Mega Force - 1982 - 2/5

707 - Trip to Heaven - 2000 - 3/5

707 - The Bridge (MTM) - 2004 - 4/5

707 - The Bridge (Renaissance) - 2006 - 4/5

707 - 2006 - The Fourth Decade - 4/5

707 - 2006 - Lost and found - 4/5

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