Christian hard rock outfit Bride were formed in the late 80's by the Thompson brothers, Troy on guitars and Dale on vocals. Unfortunately info on this great but very underrated band is quite difficult to come by, so we can only really go according to the numerous albums they've released (although they do have an official website) . The first official album they recorded, as far as can be ascertained, was "Live to Die", in 1988, and it featured bassist Frank Partipilo, guitarist Steve Osborne and drummer Stephan Rolland. Basic but well performed metal with Christian messages was what the album was all about, but the band's potential for greater things was already apparent. The follow-up(?) album, "Silence is Madness", came out in 1990 and saw the band trimmed down to a quartet, with guitarist Steve Osborne having left. This album, "Kinetic Faith", was, and is, brilliant - one of the best Christian rock albums you're likely to hear, much in the same vein as Bloodgood, Mastedon, Legend Seven, Whiteheart and others. At this stage, Partipilo had been replaced by Rick Foley and Rolland by Jerry McBroom. This line-up remained together for their 1992 album, "Snakes in the Playground", which was a step above "Kinetic Faith". Later albums such as "Scarecrow Messiah", "Drop" and "The Jesus Experience" were all very good and must have cemented their reputation as one of the best Christian rock bands around. Two albums of "unreleased" material, called "The Lost Reels 1 and 2", which both contain some stunning material, were released in the mid nineties, as were a "Live in Germany" album and a Dale Thompson solo album. 

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