Don Dokken -  We've always maintained that when it comes to ballads, you need look no further that to a good rock band or rock musician to hear the best. German (?) born vocalist/guitarist Don Dokken's first break came when world famous producer Dieter Dierks recruited him to supply back-up vocals on the Scorpions' "Blackout" album, although, as it transpired, Dokken's services ultimately ended up not being used on the album. It's unclear as to what stage or when he relocated to Los Angeles, but the rough demo's he'd put together with Dierks impressed Carrere Records enough secure a recording contract, and he enlisted the services of guitarist George Lynch, bassist Juan Croucier and drummer Mick Brown. Dokken ( the band, that is ) released their first official album in 1982. ( although the band did record an album, "Back on the Streets", in 1979, which was released on Repertoire Records in 1989). The band became quite an attraction in the US, releasing five albums, before Dokken ( the man ) left the band to record this solo album, together with the likes of guitarists Billy White and John Norum ( Europe ), bassist Peter Baltes ( Accept) and drummer Mikkey Dee. Lynch and Brown went on to form Lynch Mob, and Dokken (the band) reformed in the mid to late nineties.
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Biography by Craig Harris
The lead singer and namesake of 1980s heavy metal band, Dokken, Don Dokken (born: Donald Maynard Dokken) has fueled Los Angeles' metal scene since the late-1970s. Although Dokken temporarily disbanded, following the Monsters of Rock tour and a multi-platinum album, in 1988, he continued to make his presence felt as a soloist and with the Don Dokken Band, featuring

Guitarist John Norum and Billy White bassist Peter Baltes and drummer Mickey Dee.

Reformed in 1994, Dokken remained as tumultuous as ever. Original guitar player George Lynch, who had led his own band, Lynch's Mob, during Dokken's hiatus, was replaced by Rob Beach, former guitarist for Winger and Alice Cooper in 1998. In a subsequent interview, Dokker explained that Lynch had “threatened to kill me in front of the record company president in Germany and tried to blackmail the president into flying his girlfriend to Germany or he would not do a TV show for three million viewers."

Beach was later replaced by Don Dokken Band guitarist John Norum. In June 2003, the reorganized group toured the United States with Poison. 



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Don Dokken - 1990 - Up from the Ashes - 1.5/5



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