Frumpy - The initial members of the band were Inga Rumpf on vocals/guitar/percussion, French keyboard player Jean-Jacques Kravetz, bassist Karl-Heinz Schott and drummer Carsten Bohn. Their debut album, the highly collectible "All Will be Changed", with its chameleon cover, was released on the Philips label in August of 1970. It was a folky/progressive rock album punctuated with interesting Classical undertones which was very well received. The follow-up album, "Frumpy 2", came out the following year, and featured former Sphinx Tush guitarist, Rainer Baumann. This was arguably their best album. Just two tracks per side, it was considered to be one of the best German progressive albums of its time. The third album, "By the Way"', was awesome. Released in 1972 on the Vertigo label, it saw the band move into a more song friendly direction, but not losing sight of their progressive and folk roots. The title track of this album has to be one of rock music's all-time best numbers ever written. Frumpy's time was coming to an end, however. "Frumpy Live", a double album, was released after the band had split. Atlantis was the next move in the Frumpy saga. Atlantis was ostensibly Frumpy with a more commercially acceptable feel. We've covered Atlantis before on these pages,so we'll skip that and move onto the year Frumpy reformed. This was in 1990, when Inga Rumpf, Carsten Bohn and Jean-Jacques Kravetz reformed a more soulfull/bluesier version of the band that was still good, but, in keeping up with the times, less inclined to the progressive rock side of things. It was a bit of a disappointment for Frumpy fans, this one included, as the new album, "Now", contained tracks that seemed a bit out of place. Nevertheless, a further album, "News", much in the same direction as "Now", came out in 1991. Both the above albums had their moments, however, and the modern blues direction they'd taken did seem to suit them on occasion. Unless we've missed something out, no further studio albums were released after "News". This live album saw the band playing some of the old tracks such as "How the Gipsy was Born", and they proved that they could still deliver the goods! The original line-up was back together, but this time with guitarist Frank Diez (who featured on Atlantis' debut album, amongst many others), together with Pascal Kravetz on keyboards and background vocals.  

Frumpy - - By the Way, the title track of their third album, released in 1972. Frumpy evolved out of a gospel/folk outfit called The City Preachers in Hamburg, Germany in early 1970. They were one of the many fantastic bands to emerge from the "Krautrock" scene that was blossoming at the time. Frumpy, though, were pretty unique, in that their music encompassed elements of folk, jazz, blues, progressive rock and classical music. Led by the dynamic Inga Rumpf ( vocals, acoustic guitar,songwriter extraordinaire), they also employed the services of Jean Jacques Kravetz, an excellent French keyboard player in the Keith Emerson mould. Bassist Karl-Heinz Schott and drummer Carsten Bohn completed the initial line-up, which was augmented by former Sphinx Tush guitarist Rainer Baumann from their second album, "Frumpy 2", onward. Their second album is widely felt to be their best album, with some elaborate and extensive instrumental work, guitar and keyboard duets. with classical and blues undertones. This album, " By the Way", showed that Frumpy could rock with the best. It is, without doubt, one of the best progessive rock albums of all time, and should occupy a space in the collection of any self respecting lover of progressive rock music. When Frumpy folded in 1972, Rumpf would go onto form "Atlantis" with Schott and Kravetz, together with drummer Curt Cress and guitarist Frank Diez. Frumpy reformed in the late eighties, and Inga Rumpf has become a successful blues and jazz singer. This lady has incredible talent and her songwriting ability always was one of her major strengths.

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Frumpy - 1970 - All Will Be Changed - 4/5

Frumpy - 1971 - Frumpy 2 - 4/5

Frumpy - 1972 - Live - 4/5

Frumpy - 1974 - By the Way - 4/5

Frumpy - 1975 - Attention - 5/5

Frumpy - 2003 - Live Ninetyfive by Frumpy - 3.5/5



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