Glenn Hughes - If you're a regular Dinosaur Days listener, you'll be well aware of how we respect and admire bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes. Whether he's belting out a solid rocker with Trapeze, Sabbath or Purple or w hether he's chilling you to the bone with an amazing ballad such as "What is a Woman's Role", he always delivers the goods in a way that leaves him with very few equals. He's established a serious worldwide fan base as a soloist, having released a number of solo albums since his "Play me Out" album in 1978. This single live album sees him being competently backed by the likes of guitarists Thomas Larsson and Eric Bojfeldt, keyboard player Mic Michaeli, b assist John Leven and drummer Ian Haughland. His latest studio album, "Return of Crystal Karma", released in 2000, has him featuring with guitarist JJ Marsh, drummer Gary Ferguson and keyboard player Hans Zermuehlen. Brilliant stuff from one of rock music's true greats. 

The song played was Liar from his fifth solo album, From now on. Glenn Hughes has a long and distinguished career in rock. His first band of note was "TRAPEZE " in the sixties. Glenn Hughes replaced Roger Glover on bass guitar in Deep Purple. His astounding vocal abilities complemented vocalist David Coverdale, who replaced Ian Gillan, especially on songs like Burn and Stormbringer and Sail Away. When Deep Purple disbanded in 1976 he went on his own. He also has done some work with Pat Thrall, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Heaven and Hughes/Thrall. Some of his lesser known work was with the project Phenomena but he has done some excellent vocals on that. The song I Believe on Phenomena 1 is a classic. In 1992 he went to the Bettie Ford clinic and after that he has gone from strength to strength. Visit his website.

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Biography by Steve Huey
Starting out as the bassist and lead vocalist for English hard rockers Trapeze (which evolved from British soulsters the News) in 1969, Glenn Hughes achieved his greatest fame as the bass player of Deep Purple from 1974 until the group split in 1976. Hughes subsequently reconvened Trapeze (with no records resulting) and issued his solo debut, Play Me Out, in 1978. His next effort, recorded with guitarist Pat Thrall under the name Hughes/Thrall, appeared in 1983, and worked in the supergroup Phenomena in 1985. Hughes then joined Black Sabbath as lead singer for 1986's The Seventh Star, departing after that album and eventually surfacing with — of all artists — the techno/house group the KLF, performing on their 1991 single "America — What Time Is Love?." In 1993, Mike Varney's Shrapnel label issued the new Hughes solo album Blues, on which he played bass and sang with an array of guest guitarists. A string of solo releases followed through the '90s, including 1995's Burning Japan Live, 1997's Addiction (which addressed some of the personal problems that had kept Hughes out of recording for most of the latter half of the '80s), and 1999's The Way It Is. Mid-2000 saw the release of Return to Crystal Karma and Feel. The bluesy Building the Machine hit the shelves in 2001 while 2002's Hughes Turner Project coupled the bassist with another Deep Purple alumni, Joe Lynn Turner. Songs in the Key of Rock appeared in 2003, followed by Soul Mover in 2005. 



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Glenn Hughes - 1977 - Play Me Out - 2/5

Glenn Hughes - 1991 - Hughes,Thrall - 4/5

Glenn Hughes - 1993 - Blues, L.A. Blues Authority, Vol. 2 - 3/5

Glenn Hughes - 1995 - Burning Japan Live - 4/5

Glenn Hughes - 1997 - Addiction - 4/5

Glenn Hughes - 1999 - The way It is - 3/5

Glenn Hughes - 2000 - Feel - 3.5/5

Glenn Hughes - 2000 - Return of Crystal Karma - 2/5

Glenn Hughes - 2000 - Tribute to Tommy Bolin - 4/5

Glenn Hughes - 2001 - Building the Machine - 3/5

Glenn Hughes - 2002 - Hughes turner Project - 2.5/5

Glenn hughes - 2003 - HTP 2 - 4/5

Glenn Hughes - 2003 - Songs in the Key of Rock - 3.5/5

Glenn Hughes - 2004 - Soulfully Live in the City of Angels (CD) - 4/5

Glenn Hughes - 2005 - Soul Mover - 4/5

Glenn Hughes - 2006 - Music for the Divine - 4/5



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