Hammerfall are an excellent Swedish/German metal outfit that were formed in the late 90's.They signed to the prestigious Nuclear Blast label, home to bands like Therion and Primal Fear, a move that no doubt made their label manager very happy, as the band apparently go down a storm ever time they play live and are currently one of Europe's most popular metal bands. Hammerfall can kick butt like nobody's business, but they can also be really melodic, and their songwriting and musical ability is of the highest order. We know of two albums so far, both of which are highly recommended, although the second album leaves the first one in its wake.
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Biography by Bryan Reesman
Following their formation in 1993, Hammerfall underwent numerous personnel changes before settling on their current lineup, which includes principal songwriters Joachim Cans (vocals) and Oscar Dronjak (guitars). In Flames skinbeater Jesper Stromblad contributed to their debut, although Patrick Rafling replaced him soon after. Since the release of their debut Glory to the Brave in 1997, Hammerfall have become one of the toasts of the Eurometal scene, residing in Germany's Top 100 for over two months, with Glory dubbed Album of the Year by Rock Hard magazine. The Swedish rockers have also played numerous metal fests, including the Wacken Open Air Festival; they returned in 1999 with the EP I Want Out. Renegade was issued a year later.


Jesper Strömblad
Joacim Cans
Oscar Dronjak
Patrik Räfling

Blind Guardian
Iced Earth
Gamma Ray
Freedom Call
Iron Savior
Morgana Lefay
Tad Morose
Corrosion of Conformity
At the Gates
Jag Panzer
Dark Tranquillity

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Hammerfall - 1997 - Glory to the Brave - 4/5

Hammerfall - 1998 - Legacy of Kings - 4/5

Hammerfall - 2000 - Renegade - 4/5

Hammerfall - 2002 - Crimson Thunder - 4/5

Hammerfall - 2004 - One Crimson Night - 3.5/5

Hammerfall - 2005 - Chapter V, Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken - 4/5

Hammerfall - 2006 - Threshold - 3/5



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