Kingdom - Waiting, Hesitating, from "Kingdom", released in 1972. This is a bit of a mystery band in that we can find absolutely no info at all about this US hard rock quartet. There's no mention of the album in Terry Hounsome's Rock Record either. They were one of those "rough around the edges" type of band with a fair amount of potential, but obviously nothing further happened and they must have disbanded. If comparisons with UK bands have to be made, their music was a sort of cross between Clear Blue Sky and Andromeda. The Italian Akarma label released the album on CD in 1999. 

Biography by David Jeffries
A West Coast psychedelic band in the heavy Iron Butterfly tradition, Kingdom combined hard guitar riffing, dramatic organ sounds, prog rock soloing, and gruff vocals from the group's frontman, organist and guitarist Jim Potkey. The group, which also included guitarist John Toyne, bassist Ed Nelson and drummer Gary Varga, was playing the California circuit as Parish when they were discovered by DJ Dr. Demento (Barry Hansen), who was then working as a director of product development at the Fantasy-associated Specialty Records. The band signed with Specialty and changed their name to Kingdom. Their self-titled debut appeared in 1970. Going out of print soon after its release, the album became a rare find for prog rock and acid rock collectors until 2001, when the Akarma label reissued it on 180-gram vinyl. Akarma issued a CD version of the debut in early 2006. 


Jim Potkey

Iron Butterfly

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