She's been around since the mid 90's, and, unless we're very ignorant and behind the times, we don't know if she's particularly well known in too many countries, which is something that needs to be rectified with the speed of many camels, because this woman is hot, shit hot, in fact! Her debut album, "Love is an Illusion", released in 1995, set the stage for bigger and better things to come for Lana Lane. She's been collaborating with keyboard player and producer Erik Norlander, another previously dormant talent, if ever there was one, since that first album, and they work extremely well together. (You can also hear Norlander with his own band, The Rocket Scientists). Her band is frighteningly good as well. If you thought the Wilson ladies in Heart were good, you've just got to check this lady out - so far, she's released four studio albums, two "mini" albums of out-takes and a stunning live album, recorded in Japan, where she's apparently very popular. We're also led to believe that there's a "Ballads" album available as well. She's also appeared on the new Ziff album, as well as on albums by Rocket Scientists. Do yourself a favour - give any Lana Lane album a listen. Talent like hers should not be allowed to go unnoticed. Thanks once again to Andy and Phil at CD Services, Dundee in the UK for introducing us to this formidable singer.

Lana Lane 
Lana Lane - Destination Roswell, from "Garden of the Moon", in 1998, her 3rd album. US progressive/symphonic vocalist Lana Lane was born in Northern California. She's the subject of this week's Dino Quiz, in r esponse to the many requests we get to feature more of this exceptionally t alented lady's music, and a copy of her "Queen of the Ocean" album is the g iveaway prize. Her debut album, "Love is an Illusion", was originally released in 1995,although this was later redone and re-released a few years later. She's always had some extremely good and well known backing musicians in herb and. Apart from her husband, keyboard player/composer/producer Eric Norlander, the likes of bassists Tony Franklin and Don Schiff, drummers Ed Warby and Tommy Amato, guitarists Arjen (Ayreon) Lucassen, Mark McCrite, Neil Citron and Danelle Kern have all appeared on her various albums/mini albums over the past five or so years. Lana Lane is undoubtedly one of the finest female singers in rock m usic today, and judging by the many requests we get to feature more of her music, she's becoming quite well liked here in South Africa too. 
Question: In what year did Lana Lane originally release her debut album, "Love is an Illusion", in 1975, 1985 or 1995? 
Answer: 1995. 

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Biography by Gary Hill
Born in Concord, CA, Lana Lane is both a solo artist and a guest on projects by quite a few other musicians. She works closely with husband Erik Norlander on many of his projects. Lane's main instrument is her remarkable voice, but she also plays guitar. Aside from her solo work and work on Norlander's album, she has appeared on albums by such artists as Ambeon, Ayreon, and Rocket Scientists (Norlander's band). She first began her solo career in 1995 with Love Is an Illusion. The following year she released its successor, Curious Goods. 1998 would prove to be the next year that the world would see releases from Lana Lane, and it would be a virtual avalanche of music. The discs that came from her that year were Garden of the Moon, Echoes From the Garden (which was an EP of material from Garden of the Moon), Live in Japan, Ballad Collection (a compilation), and a remixed version of Love Is an Illusion (including three songs not on the original release). The following year saw two new releases: Queen of the Ocean, and, in keeping with the pattern begun by Echoes From the Garden, Echoes From the Ocean (an EP culled from Queen of the Ocean). The compilation The Best of Lana Lane was released in 1999. Several releases came in 2000. The first was Secrets of Astrology. The other two albums for that year were both compilations. The first was Ballad Collection II. The other was Ballad Collection Special Edition (a two-CD set including both ballad collection albums in one set). 2001 saw another Love Is Illusion reissue, this time a special edition. Project Shangri-La, was released by Lane early in 2002. 



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Ivory Tower

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Lana Lane - 2000 - Live in Japan '98 - 4/5

Lana Lane - 2000 - Queen of the Ocean - 4/5

Lana Lane - 2000 - Secrets of Astrology - 3/5

Lana Lane - 2001 - European Tour 2001 - 4/5

Lana Lane - 2002 - Curious Goods - 4/5

Lana Lane - 2002 - Garden of the Moon - 3/5

Lana Lane - 2002 - Project Shangri-La - 4/5

Lana Lane - 2003 - Covers Collection - 3/5

Lana Lane - 2003 - European Tour 2003 Limited Edition - 4/5

Lana Lane - 2003 - Winter Sessions - 3.5/5

Lana Lane - 2004 - Love Is an Illusion - 3.5/5

Lana Lane - 2004 - Return to Japan - 3.5/5

Lana Lane - 2005 - Lady Macbeth - 4/5

Lana Lane - 2006 - Gemini - 4/5



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