Mention the name ' Whitesnake ' and everybody automatically thinks of David Coverdale! Nothing wrong with old Dave, you understand, but two other very important members of this illustrious band also deserve a mention, as well as heaps of praise: Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden, both excellent blues/rock guitarists, were the backbone of Whitesnake between 1978 and 1982. Prior to being in the band, Moody had been in Juicy Lucy and Snafu, Marsden in Babe Ruth and UFO. When Whitesnake dissolved, Moody went on to work with Chris Farlowe and Roger Chapman, Marsden with Alaska and MGM. They formed the Moody Marden band in 1992, playing some really tasteful blues/rock. They went down a storm in countries like Norway, so much so that they recruited Norwegian vocalist Johhny Lande, who, if you didn't know any better, you'd swear was a young David Coverdale! They're still around today, but they're now known as "The Snakes", and, as far as we know, they've released one studio album and one stunning live album. This band has the potential to go places Whitesnake should have gone. Look out for them.
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Moody Marsden Band - 1994 - Never Turn Our Back on Blues - 3/5

Moody Marsden Band - 1996 - Live in Hell-unplugged - 3.5/5

Moody Marsden Band - 2000 - Real Faith - 3.5/5

Moody Marsden Band - 2002 - The Night The Guitars Came To Play - 4/5



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