Nevada Beach - Back for Blood, taken off their second album, "Zero Day", released in 1990. Nevada Beach were one of those stand-out US hard rock outfits that should have gone very far, but unfortunately didn't. They were formed in the late eighties by guitarist, vocalist and principal songwriter Hank Decken, who at times sounded like a more polished version of Ozzy! Their first album, released in 1989, was actually a five track EP which basically whet your appetite for their fantastic "Zero Day" which was to follow a year later. Nevada Beach were actually a very good band, but they seem to have faded into obscurity, with very few music books even affording them a mention. If you're into good, solid riffy hard rock with great hooks and excellent vocals, this is an album to look out for.

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Nevada Beach - 1990 - Zero Day - 1.5/5



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