Finland's Stratovarius have been around since the late 80's. You can read up on them elsewhere in these pages, but you may be surprised to know that they are one of the most frequently requested bands we feature on the show. They've built up an amazing reputation as an exciting live act, and their albums seem to get better and better with each new release. Their "The Chosen Ones" compilation, released in 1999, is an excellent introduction to their music. They are a good example of a very classy progressive metal band, with superior songwriting and musicianship. 
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Biography by Steve Huey
Although Helsinki, Finland heavy metal band Stratovarius was formed in 1982 by drummer Tuomo Lassila, the group did not record its debut album, Fright Night, until 1989 (after which Lassila departed). 1992's Twilight Time established a fan base in Japan, becoming the biggest-selling import of that year; Stratovarius consolidated its Japanese popularity with an extensive tour of the country behind 1994's Dreamspace. Following 1995's Fourth Dimension, the lineup shifted to include vocalist Timo Kotipelto, guitarist Timo Tolkki, bassist Jari Kainulainen, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen keyboardist Jens Johanssen, and drummer Jorg Michael. This lineup added a choir and orchestra for 1996's Episode in 1996 and 1997's Visions, the latter of which was released in the U.S. early in 1998. American reissues of most of Stratovarius' previous output followed over the course of the year, and in the spring of 2000 the group issued Infinite. Intermission appeared the following summer.


Jens Johansson
Timo Tolkki
Tuomo Lassila
Jorg Michael
Jari Kainulainen
Timo Kotipelto

Demons & Wizards
Blind Guardian
Jag Panzer
Iced Earth
Gamma Ray
Tad Morose
Dream Theater
Freedom Call
Iron Savior
Morgana Lefay
Face of Anger
Yngwie Malmsteen
Angel Dust
The Black League

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Stratovarius - 1989 - Fright Night - 2.5/5

Stratovarius - 1992 - Twilight Time - 3/5

Stratovarius - 1994 - Dreamspace - 4/5

Stratovarius - 1995 - Fourth Dimension - 4/5

Stratovarius - 1996 - Episode - 3/5

Stratovarius - 1997 - Visions - 4/5

Stratovarius - 1998 - Destiny - 3/5

Stratovarius - 1998 - Live Visions of Europe - 2/5

Stratovarius - 2000 - Infinite - 3/5

Stratovarius - 2001 - Intermission - 3/5

Stratovarius - 2002 - Elements Pt. 1 - 3/5

Stratovarius - 2003 - Elements Pt. 2 - 3/5

Stratovarius - 2003 - I Walk to My Own Song - 4/5

Stratovarius - 2005 - Stratovarius - 3/5



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