Ten - The Crusaders / It's all about love, taken off their third album, "Now and Then", released in 1998. After many requests, we once again present one of England's finest melodic hard rock bands! Ten are almost one of England's best kept secrets ( well, according to South African music lovers, anyway!). As far as we know, they were formed in the early to mid nineties by guitarist Vinny Burns and vocalist/songwriter extraordinaire Gary Hughes, who seems to have a magical ability to write and compose the most amazing songs and lyrics. Ten have slowly begun to stamp their authority on the British, and, hopefully, the world's, AOR/melodic rock scene, releasing a number of really classy and dynamic albums, with some absolutely awesome musicianship and production, with Hughes' vocals and keyboard playing and Burns' riveting fretboard wizardry being the stand out features of this phenomenal sextet. Hughes has also collaborated with ex-Magnum and Hard Rain vocalist Bob Catley on his three solo albums to date, and, dare we say it, the Hughes/Catley combination seems to be far better and more exciting than the many years Catley spent with another excellent writer, musician, and co-founder of Magnum/Hard Rain, Tony Clarkin. Maybe their break-up will do them both the world of good. For Catley, he's found a real winner with the guys from Ten, who, as far as we know, have released five albums to date, all of which are essential listening.


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Fair Warning
Street Legal

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Ten - 1997 - The Name of the Rose - 3.5/5

Ten - 1998 - The Robe - 3.5/5

Ten - 1999 - Never Say Goodbye - 3.5/5

Ten - 2000 - Babylon - 3.5/5

Ten - 2004 - Return to Evermore - 3.5/5

Ten - 2004 - Spellbound - 4/5

Ten - 2004 - Ten - 3/5

Ten - 2006 - The Twilight Chronicles - 4/5



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