England also has its fair share of progressive metal outfits, and Threshold are definitely one of the better ones. They were formed in the late eighties and they released their first album in 1993 on Giant Electric Pea Records, and, since then, every subsequent album release is better than the previous one. Earlier vocalist Damien Wilson released a stunning solo album a few years ago, totally different to the type of harder edged music that he's known for with Threshold. Their albums aren't that easy to find, unfortunately, but they're certainly worth looking out for. Last year's album, " Decadent", was very good, but is currently difficult to track down.
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Biography by Gary Hill
Threshold came into being in the greater London area in 1989. The lineup of the band was Damian Wilson, Karl Groom, Nick Midson, Jon Leary, Richard West, and Tony Grinham. The band released their debut disc, Wounded Land, in 1993. Shortly after the release, though, Wilson chose to move on to other musical ventures, leaving Threshold without a vocalist. That deficiency would not last long, though, the band finding Wilson's replacement in the personage of Glynn Morgan. That was not to be the end of the band's personnel problems, though. Just before recording their sophomore effort, Grinham left the band. So, in 1995 when they went into the sessions that gave birth to the album Psychedelicatessen, it was with Nick Harradence of Shadowland filling in temporarily behind the drum kit. Later that year, they filled the spot in a more permanent way with the addition of Jay Micciche. This was the lineup that released the EP Livedelica. It would not last long, however, with both Morgan and Micchiche leaving the following year to form the band Mindfeed. So, when they recorded their next studio disc, Extinct Instinct, it was once again with a session drummer. This time Mark Heaney handled the sticks. For longtime fans of the band, though, the filling of the vocalist spot brought some definite joy. Wilson had returned to the band just in time to record the album with them. However, by 1998, he was once again out, and new vocalist Andrew "Mac" McDermott accompanied the group as they recorded the next album, Clone. Interestingly enough Heaney, originally brought in just as a session player, was still with them to the point of finishing Clone. However, he left just after that time, being replaced by Johanne James. The group released Hypothetical in 2001.


Richard West
Karl Groom
Glyn Morgan
Tony Grinham
Jon Jeary
Nick Midson
Damian Wilson

Brutal Juice

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Threshold - 1994 - Psychedelicatessen - 3/5

Threshold - 1995 - Livedelica - 4.5/5

Threshold - 1996 - Wounded Land - 2.5/5

Threshold - 1997 - Extinct Instinct - 3.5/5

Threshold - 2001 - Clone - 3.5/5

Threshold - 2001 - Hypothetical - 3/5

Threshold - 2002 - Critical Mass - 4/5

Threshold - 2004 - Critical Energy (Live) - 3/5

Threshold - 2004 - Subsurface - 3.5/5

Threshold - 2006 - Surface to Stage - 3.5/5



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