Different Genres

When rock started in the fifties, there was only Blues, R&B and Rock 'n Roll. After that more than one genre were annualy added to this growing industry. Today there are so many, you cannot count them all. Only metal has about 30 subgenres. We are not going to touch them all. The only genres that we are going to use, are the following:

  1. Classic Rock
  2. Progressive Rock
  3. Brass / Jazz  Rock
  4. Glam Rock
  5. Heavy Metal
  6. Hard Rock
  7. Blues

Bands under genres
If you click on each of these genres, you will get a list of bands that are included and reviewed on this website. The idea is to expand them. Every month we will add a lot of new bands (and old ones). The idea is that most of these bands will appeal to a certain kind of person. That person is one who is serious about his music and the musicians. Unfortunately no Britney Spears or Westlife. This is not a pop website. It is a rock website.

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